Core Business Activities

Operation and Maintenance of Building Services

  • Operation of MEP systems in the most efficient manner
  • Energy Management Services
  • Maintenance of All types of chillers
  • Maintenance of cooling towers
  • Maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Maintenance of plumbing systems including water control valves
  • Maintenance of electrical systems
  • Maintenance of lifts & escalators (through specialists)
  • Maintenance of BMS system (through specialists)
  • Maintenance of fire alarm &firefighting systems(through specialists)
  • Maintenance of car park barriers(through specialists

Installation and retrofitting of Building Services

  • Installation of Electrical Panels
  • Installation of Electrical Equipment’s
  • Installation of Emergency lighting and Control system
  • Installation of Motor control center for HVAC System
  • Installation of Fire alarm &firefighting systems
  • Installation of HVAC equipment’s
  • Retrofitting works for MEP systems including BMS

All services related to MEP systems

  • Provide Energy Management works
  • Provide pre commissioning services
  • Provide spare parts & technical support
  • Provide warranty support
  • Provide project support outside UAE
  • Carry out detailed inspection & surveys on MEP services to provide reports & solutions
  • Carry out independent audits on various MEP systems on maintenance, retrofit works
  • DEIF Control systems
  • Recruitments of staff for clients worldwide

All Generator related Maintenance

  • Generator maintenance works
  • Generator spare parts supply
  • Generator major overhauls & services
  • Generator modifications works
  • Supply & install new generator units
  • Generator energy enhancement works & consultancy including Hot water systems
  • Generator synchronizing panels including specialists controls for power applications

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